Where There is 5G ,There is an Opportunity

#5G will boost the Intelligent Development of Society
It is said that 4G changes life and 5G changes society. Now people have experienced the speed and convenience of 4G, and 5G will provide a better experience.
Compared with 4G, 5G has greatly improved eight key technical indicators:Flux density, Connection density, Latency, and peak rate and so on.
At the same time, 5G can expand the connection from people to everything with three typical applications (enhanced broadband, mass communication, high reliability/low latency).
In addition, 5G can be deeply integrated with emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and virtual augmented reality, inevitably innovating applications and services to improve the quality of human life.
5G and #Intelligent Industry Updated
The superior ability of 5G brings unlimited possibilities to humans and society. 5G is not only simple communication capability, but also 5G have the flexible network architecture, computing can be flexibly deployed, and collaborative AI, and more convenient to support vertical industry applications.
In access, 5G networks can provide massive terminal access for industrial applications such as intelligent transportation, smart cities, and smart government and so on.
In communication, 5G networks in communication support can provide super vertical industrial applications such as robots, drones, and unmanned vehicles. with Low-latency, high-reliability, and strong security; In computing collaboration, the 5G network architecture can make a good connection between artificial intelligence and cloud computing, and promote the application and popularization of artificial intelligence.
5G can focus on improving people's livelihood in the application of smart government, smart home, smart medical care and smart emergency; 5G can adjust economic structure and promote industrial upgrading in the application of smart transportation, smart agriculture, intelligent environmental protection; 5G can explore emerging industries and stabilize economic growth in the application of smart logistics, smart grids and smart communities.
In addition, 5G will be able to boost industry and logistics to create a strong industrial province. It can effectively control robots and robotic arms through low-latency, highly reliable networks to improve logistics efficiency. The combination of edge computing business provisioning and artificial intelligence can significantly reduce manpower. Labor costs can be reduced by 10-20%, and operating costs can be reduced by more than 30%.
5G is a new opportunity as well as a challenge.

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