Interconnection Solutions About Next 25GE Data Center---Chapter 2

 Interconnection Solutions About Next 25GE Data Center---Chapter 2

To follow the steps of the next generation of 25GE data centers, Infiberone has self-developed 25G series products in recent two years ,including SFP28 SR,SFP28 LR,SFP28 AOC/DAC. Advanced technology ,reliable quality and competitive cost fully reflect Infiberone’s strengths and determinations on the layout of 25G data center.

1.Technical  Decryption of  Infiberone 25G series Product
25G product line consists of 25G fiber and 25G copper products .The former includes AOC, series of optical modules and the latter is mainly used for DAC in super-short distance(5m) interconnection . Mature COB tech, Independently-developed hot pressing welding technique ,Automatic coupling equipment and process ensure the availability of bulk production.

A.COB process is mature and reliable, completely meeting the requirements of low cost and high- efficiency production of optical fiber products
Infiberone self-developed COB tech platform and critical optical engine design are mature and reliable . High-precision SMT, reliable gold wire bonding with accurate optical design and coupling design ensure that the optical module has the advantages of low power consumption, low cost and high reliability, ect.
Figure 1.COB Structural design 
Figure 2. COB Coupling designFigure 3. Infiberone self-developed coupling system

B.self-developed DAC Laser stripping technique and Visual hot pressing welding process
Figure 4.Laser stripping machine Figure5.Laser stripping machine operating interface

Laser stripping machine uses for  manual transfer ,Laser stripping, Non-contact processing, and has no damage to the product, no tool wear; and cutting speed, high-speed cutting without sawtooth, high production efficiency can support 30AWG~26AWG cable insulation leather cutting and applicable to other kinds of wire diameter processing such as LVDS, MINI SAS, USB3.0, TYPE C series.
 Figure 6.Visual hot pressing welding system
Infiberone self-developed hot pressing welding equipment is used for 30AWG~26AWG 25G&100G DAC welding with high-accuracy camera fully compatible with the pressure welding process and timely correction of welding abnormalities to ensure the welding quality. Meanwhile ,it is suitable for all kinds of  cables  and connector/ PCB welding, widely used in USB2.0&3.0,TYPE C,HDMI,H-SPEED,FFC,FPC and other products with high welding quality ,high welding precision and the smallest welding PITCH which can reach 0.3mm

2.The Quality of  Infiberone 25G Series Products
Infiberone owns strict quality test platform and test system. Not only 25G series product pass reliability testing, but also 25G DAC product pass rigorous S-parameter testing. A series of measures ensure the reliable product quality

A. Infiberone 25G Fiber And Copper Series Products Pass Test In Reliability
Figure 7.reliability test scheduleFigure 8.reliability test results

B. Infiberone Owns Self-developed DAC Test Platform, And 25G DAC Products Pass Rigorous S-parameter Testing
Figure 9. DAC Automated test interface
Infiberone self-developed automatic test system eliminates the cumbersome operation, a key to complete all the parameters of the test such as impedance, insertion loss, COM parameters, ect, greatly improving the test efficiency and the reliability of test results.
Figure10.Automatic test system

Figure 12. S parameter test result
Figure 12. S parameter test result

3. Advantages In  Infiberone  25G Series Products’ Cost
The most critical cost assurance for products and markets entering 25G and above comes from supply chain support and yield.
since 2011, Infiberone has been offering DAC and AOC products ,which is living in the leading position and global performance eye-catching role in date center.
DAC: Automated production and automated commissioning are key factors in DAC costs. From the BOOM list, the DAC product cost is clear, and the process is the primary cost. Over the course of  two years, Infiberone successfully develop a complete set of production processes, and overcome the comprehensive evaluation parameters: COM parameters. The automation process ensures that the price of 1 meter 25G DAC can be less than $ 15
AOC: Infiberone delivers not less than 300,000 AOC over the world every year which accumulating quality reliability and rich production experience and get strong support from global supply chain. Now Infiberone AOC can completely pass double 85 environment reliability test which is numbered in industry. Low cost ,low consumption and high quality are the features of Infiberone AOC products.At present ,Infiberone 25G AOC 1m product sales price is around $70.With the update and application of big data ,the cost will rapidly reduces .Let’s except Infiberone 25G AOC to build tiles for global date center

Infiberone is a sub-brand of Gigalight, we focus on high-end optical network devices, mainly supplying industrial-grade optical transceivers and professional optical interconnection components for data centers.With more than 10 years' experience in optics industry, we now have professional R&D team(more than 100 engineers) and stable supply ability. 

We aim to create a highly reliable procurement platform for clients those value brands and quality. Every merchandise sold on Infiberone has 5-year quality warranty period, every order sent with free shipping and every item allowed to return in 30 days if there is quality issue. 
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