PLC Splitter Module Introduction

Twins Device / Mini Module

The conventional PLC device is a single individual, and the 2 in 1 products packaged two device in a shell, so the volume is more compact,performance index as the same with
common device/micro
This device is not a 2x series PLC but a 2 in 1 device/micro with tow port As shown in the right,the two devices inside can work independently
So one device can splite two kinds of signal light into multipath signal, Saving the space and cost, improve quality at the same time

 Products got through the following experiment
•    Damp Heat(time2000H)
•    Temperature Cycling(time4*100H)
•    High Temperature(time2000H)
•    Low Temperature(time2000H)
•    Thermal Shock(time 20cycling)
•    Mechanical Shock
•    Vibration
•    Cassette module optical cable tensile resistance(70N)
•    Connector cable tensile resistance(70N)
•    Water soakand salt fog
•    Cable torsional
•    Cable side pull