Infiberone SFP Transceiver Programmer 100G CFP Programmer Board

Infiberone SFP Transceiver Programmer, SFP Transceiver Test Tools, SFP Transceiver EVB_test Board, CFP Programmer Board.


With friendly GUI, This board is designed to provide an easy and effective solution for MDIO reading and writing on CFP modules.


▪ MDIO MSA compliant master
▪ Monitoring Interface(DDM)
▪ On-board LEDs show MSA output Alarm states
▪ On-board jumpers for MSA input control signals
▪ Module procedure loaded by JTAG connector
▪ Friendly GUI
▪ 12V power supply


100G transceiver testing CFP/CFP2 and CFP4/QSFP28 using adapters