Infiberone Optical Switch Introduction

Definition :
Optical switch is one kind of passive products that can switch on or block optical signals or change optical signals into other routes.

These switches are designed for use in re-configurable optical add/drop multiplexers, optical cross-connect systems, and network switching for fault protection.

Function :
OLP=Optical line protection
OLM=Optical Line monitoring
OBP=Optical bypass protection
ROADM=Reconfigurable optical ADD/DROP multiplexer
OXC=Optical cross connection
Testing ect.

Commonly Used Technological platforms
Mechanical Optical Switch
Magneto-optical Optical Switch
Mach-Zehnder interferometric switch
Thermo-Optic Switch
Acoustic Optical Switch
LC=Liquid crystal Optical switch
MEMS/Micro electro mechanical optical switch

For different platforms, the optical parameters are little different,
e.g. IL/CT/PDL/WDL/TDL/Repeatability.

Mechanical Optical Switch
Infiberone's Mechanical Optical switch falls into seven categories:

2x2 full;
2x2 Bypass;
2×4 (dual 1x2)
4x4 (dual 2x2 B)
Key Characteristics:
Switching time <=10ms,
 Repeatability<=0.04dB,
Durability Cycles ≥ 10 Million.

Application Scenario:
Fiber ring;
Automatic testing;
Remote control/monitoring;
Route Switchover;
System monitoring ;
Optical protection systems ;
Fiber sensor ect.

Application of Different optical switches:
1. 1×1 optical switch is usually used to block light path.
2. 1x2 Optical Switch:Usually used for optical line protection: OLP for short.
3. 2x2 Optical Switch:
Usually used for FDDI, Optical bypass protection, loopback testing ect.
3.1 2x2B  optical Switch

OBP=Optical bypass protection,with in-built 2x2 bypass switch to change the optical path, it can real-timely monitor optical power received  from R3 and R4, as well as the optical power launched from transmitters R1 and R2. OBP uses the same power supply with transceivers.  When local equipment functions normally, OBP changes back to normal routes, when local equipment is found abnormal or powered off, OBP will change to bypass routes, thus pass by local failure nodes.
3.2 1:1 Bidirectional Protection (2x2 Full)

4. MXN Optical Switch:
4.1. Network monitoring system:
4.2. Optical testing system.

Other applications
1x2  OSW Specification:
Operating wavelength range: From 1260-1620nm